The 5 Party element is amazing.

Why do the 5 party elements?

  • It is easy to do
  • It is super fast ( 11-15 minutes)
  • It is easily duplicatable and great for sponsoring and booking parties!

Check out the 5 Party Elements broken down and videos that go with each step. These were created by top leaders at "GlamJam" (our national conference). We also have each of these steps in a written format. Listen, look and then make your own.


  • Parties are fun.
  • Parties are the way we earn income 
  • Have fun – be yourself

We are all about working our business smart. The way to have fun and not get overwhelmed is to plan and prioritize activities that are income producing.  What are Income Producing activities?

  • Booking parties
  • Coaching hostesses
  • Following up with sponsoring leads
  • Receiving coaching from your up-line

As much as we may love social media, we save those for when everything else is done.


Building your business starts with parties of course and finding business buddies or partners.  Your partners are people you sponsor and share the gift of Touchstone Crystal with.

Partners and team members are also the key ingredient to making money in this business and your sponsor and up-line are here to help.

Touchstone Crystal has amazing training in the Glam Central. 

Our Leaders put together a video – this is a great way to get started!

Next Steps...

Get started by making sure you go through all of the success steps and completing each challenge at the end!